LM78XX Regulated Rectified Fixed Voltage Power Supply.

A simple audio power supply with fixed voltage via LM78XX (LM7805 LM7809 LM7812 LM7815 LM7818)

Plenty of filter capacitors, perfect for audio circuits.

DIY etch at home templates available HERE

C1 is a 50v 1000uf electrolytic

C2 is a 63v 10uf Electrolytic

C3 & C4 4700-10000uf electrolytic

Diodes 1N4004

Rectifier is a KBP01

C5 is a 0.1uf green or MKT cap

C6 is a 1uf Green or MKT Cap

A standard AC transformer will work just fine… circuit should run on DC as well. Supply 3 volts more than the desired voltage.

Holes are all 1mm for drilling.

LM78xx Power Supply – Schematic
LM78xx PSU – Board Layout
Populated PCB
Assembled Board