LM78XX & LM79xx Regulated Rectified Fixed Voltage Power Supply.

A simple audio power supply with fixed voltage via LM78XX & LM79xx (LM7805 LM7809 LM7812 LM7815 LM7818)(LM7905 LM7909 LM7912 LM7915 LM7918)

Fixed positive and negative voltage.

Plenty of filter capacitors, perfect for audio circuits.

DIY etch at home templates available HERE

This final version of the power supply has large pads and traces, to make it easier to etch at home.

You will need a centre tapped transformer for this to work… eg 15v-0v-15v

I will be working on a half-wave rectified power supply soon.

C1 & C7 1000uf 50v

Diodes: 1N4004

Rectifier KBP01

C3 C4 C9 C10 25v 4700uf-10000uf

C5 & C11 1uf

C6 & C12 0.1uf

You can solder cables directly to the board or use screw in terminals

LM78xx and LM79xx psu – schematic (tested and working)
LM78xx and LM79xx psu – Board Layout
Connected to the Classic 47 amp i reworked – Zero Noise.