Jan6418 Triple Stage Preamp With Tone and Balance Control.

I started working on this about 10 years ago… since i built the 1st one for myself, i have been using it ever since. I just love the sound of this preamp. You will need to etch two boards, one for each channel. Power supply coming soon.

I used Russian PETP capacitors, they are a great allround cap – with decent clarity.

The Treble and Bass Controls are based on a very old Marantz circuit… i used Russian Paper in Oil capacitors, giving it a sweet vintage tone.

This design will be getting an upgrade, once i catch up on some other projects. The next version apart from the input attenuation will feature variable gain via an LM317 regulator with some filtering to dissipate any latent noise created.

To download the files click HERE: PCB SCHEMATIC LAYOUT (to download right click and “Save As”)

Power Supply for this project available HERE:

Preamp Schematics
Board Layout
Board for etching.
The finished boards.

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