Single Sided 4″ x 5″ 10.16 cm x 12.7 cm FR1 Blank Copper Clad Circuit Board and Glass fiber Blank PCB Bantam Tools


Blank PCB 4″ x 5″ 10.16 cm x 12.7 cm FR1

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Blank PCB

Copper Clad board,

Single Sided

FR-1 Material,

1.6 mm Thickness.

4″ inch (10.16cm) x 5″ inch (12.7cm)


Size 4×5”
Thickness 1.6mm
Copper Cladding 1 oz
Solder Resistance 20 Sec
Heat Resistance 130°C 30min
Peel Strength 2 kgf/cm

Flexural Strength Lengthwise 15 kgf/mm2
Flexural Strength Crosswise 14 kgf/mm2
Volume Resistivity 1.0×1012 Ω/cm
Surface Resistivity Adhesive Side 1.0×1011 Ω
Surface Resistivity Laminate Side 1.0×1010 Ω
Insulation Resistance 1.0×101 Ω

Excellent for chemical etching or cutting with a CNC, i use these boards for my CNC engraving of circuit Boards

All stock located in Melbourne, Australia.

Additional information

Weight .04 kg
Dimensions 11 × 13 × .15 cm


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